Twin Twisters Inc.


Welcome to Twin Twisters Inc.! We are a Canadian game development studio currently specializing in games for the iOS platform. We are adding content to our newly-designed website, so stay tuned! For now, check out our apps, The Maze and Spinarama, available on the App Store!

Here’s some info on The Maze:

THE MAZE empowers the gyroscope in your iOS device! Guide a ball through the maze by tilting your device to find the exit - but don’t fall in the numerous holes scattered throughout the labyrinth! Play under simulated gravity of the Earth, the moon, and Mars. Earn coins and purchase options to help you increase your score. This game tests patience and co-ordination as you gently guide the ball through the maze.

-Gyroscope-enabled technology
-Connect to game center and other social networks
-Many power-ups to assist you in gameplay
-In-app purchases to buy more coins at any time
-Simple game that can be played anywhere, anytime
-Realistic ball-rolling sounds and movement
-Play under simulated gravity of other planets and the moon

Download The Maze now!

Introducing Spinarama!

Spin. Spin more. Keep spinning!

In Spinarama, your task is simple: move the marble around the ring as many times as you can, without touching the edges of the ring, by tilting your device. How many times can you spin? Once? Twice? It’s time to find out!

Download Spinarama now!

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